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Barred Instrument Practice Template

Includes 3 pages:

Full setup, C-pentatonic, F-pentatonic.

Perfect practice templates for students to use while waiting for their turn on the instruments!

*Print on card stock and laminate OR place into sleeve protectors for extra durability!*


Music Cart Essentials Checklist

A checklist (divided into 4 categories) of the daily items I keep on my cart. Includes several blank templates for you to create your own custom checklist.

(see "Anatomy of a Cart Part 1 and Part 2"

for more info)


Let's Play a Game - Name Chant

A fun name game for lower elementary music classes. See Episode #2 in the Video Library for a demonstration and explanation.


Rickety Rackety - Name Chant

A name game with body percussion geared towards upper elementary music classes. See Episode #3 in the Video Library for a demonstration and explanation.


Listening Lesson Freebie

A great activity to encourage active listening and exercise inference and storytelling skills. Leveled worksheets cover the range of grades K-5.

(see "My Go-To Sub Lesson Plans" for more info)


Exploration Cards

Multi-sized pattern cards for vocalizing, improvising, and creative composing! Preview includes multiple activity suggestions and 4 pages of different patterns. Click here for the full version.

(see "7 Engaging Musical Activities"

for more info)


Fly Swatter Insect Cards

Multi-sized insect picture cards

for use in the fly swatter game.

This preview contains activity instructions and 1 style of multi-sized insects. Click here for the full version.

(see "5 Multifunctional Manipulatives"

for more info)


Music Brag Bracelets

As referenced in Episode #7 in the Video Library, these reward bracelets are great for promoting the great things students have achieved in music class. Preview set contains 2 designs,

8 bracelets per page.

Click here for the full version.


Music Certificates

As referenced in Episode #7 in the Video Library, these certificates are great incentives and perfect for rewarding positive behavior. Freebie contains 2 designs, 2 certificates per page.

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