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Episode #1: Series Intro & Name Necklaces

Part 1 of 3: I share the importance of an aural/visual method of name learning, demonstrate how to efficiently and inexpensively create name necklaces, and describe how the Statue of Liberty inspired a classroom management technique.

Episode #2: Lower Elementary Name Game

Part 2 of 3: You'll see a demonstration of the name game entitled, "Let's Play a Game" and discover how to keep students actively engaged through this steady beat name game activity.

Episode #3: Upper Elementary Name Game

Part 3 of 3: In this final video of the "Name" series, you'll learn a multimeter version of the name chant, "Rickety, Rackety" which also utilizes a body percussion ostinato that can differentiated to the developmental level of your upper elementary students.

Episode #4: My Favorite E-mail Productivity Tool

Watch a demo of my favorite e-mail scheduling tool - the Boomerang App ( Not to be confused with the Instagram video phone app of the same name, this browser plug-in is a great tool for managing your inbox and regulating e-mails to administrators and/or parents of students.

Episode #5: Music Substitute Lesson Plans Part 1: Books

Part 1 of 2: I share several music and non-music themed books that I've used for substitute lesson plans. Ideas for what to look for in selecting a book, formulating guided discussion questions, and vocal recording ideas for use in a music substitute lesson plan are also discussed.

Episode #6: Music Substitute Lesson Plans Part 2: Worksheets, Videos, & DVDs

Part 2 of 2: I share a top organizing tip that saves tons of time in gathering lesson materials, plus some of my favorite fun and musically engaging videos and DVDs for elementary music substitute lessons.

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