By: Danielle | September 24, 2017

Singing, animal voices, sound effects, vocal explorations, and more...a music teacher’s voice certainly gets a lot of mileage! When I first began teaching, I didn’t realize just how much of a beating my body would take (I often joke that my music teaching job is the best gym plan ever, especially with being on a cart!) and that body beating certainly included my voice. I also found that when germs bombarded my body, the inflammation would always target my throat….*ALWAYS*. This meant getting laryngitis multiple times during the year. After getting through those first few overwhelming years of being a new music teacher, I did eventually hit my stride and improved in balancing tasks and taking better care of my body in general. More recently...

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By: Danielle | May 10, 2017

As a ‘music on a cart’ teacher, I’m all about using teaching aids and manipulatives in various ways and for multiple purposes. My cart space is at a premium, and though I can fit a lot more items on my cart than one may think, there will always, of course, be space limitations compared to music teachers with their own classrooms. With that said, today I want to share about one of my favorite multi-activity musical items that I keep permanently on my cart and use often throughout the school year...the slide whistle!

By: Danielle | January 19, 2017

Teaching and working with children is quite the learning experience! This has been especially true in teaching my students with special needs. As time goes on and I continue working with this population of students in a variety of settings, I’m constantly learning how to adapt and modify my lessons to help with the flow of music class, which in turn provides the best environment for them to learn. These changes often occur on a weekly (and even daily) basis depending on which students I’m teaching, what time of day their music class is, how their day has gone so far, if they like/dislike the shirt they’re wearing, if they like/dislike the shirt *I'M* get the idea! Lots of factors can influence the success of music class, ...