By: Danielle | January 28, 2018

Pool noodles, tennis balls, jumbo dice, and plastic bowling pins. All of those things sound like fun additions to a children’s party, but they also make for really great educational manipulatives. However, when it comes to teaching music from a cart, transporting those types of objects on your cart for use in your lesson activities can be difficult due to their sizes and shapes. Does that mean you can’t incorporate manipulatives as part of your music lessons, centers, or workstations? Definitely not! Instead, you may just need to rethink the types of materials you utilize, depending on your storage availability and cart setup.

In my years of teaching music from a cart, along with figuring out how to maximize my cart storage space, I’ve als...

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By: Danielle | October 31, 2017

It inevitably happens to every music teacher at some point in their teaching career: you have to call out absent. Whether it’s to attend a conference, or an unexpected emergency occurs, or you become sick, music teachers need to plan ahead in the event they are unable to teach. But what’s a music teacher on a cart to do? Depending on your situation, your teaching materials might be scattered all over the building. Maybe you also teach at more than one school. It’s enough of a challenge for you yourself to be organized and navigate teaching from a cart, but now a complete stranger is going to step into the roll...what do you ask them to do? Let’s tackle some key things to plan and prepare so your substitute can be successful filling in as a...

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By: Danielle | June 07, 2017

This has been a very interesting school year. Out of my 10+ years teaching elementary music, this was the first year that I was challenged with all sorts of behavioral issues. And not with just a few classes or one grade level, but at every single grade level that I teach (with the exception of preschool...those little 3 and 4 year olds really had it together!). I’ve truly been stretched and challenged as an educator in attempting to find various systems, strategies, and ways in which to establish, restore, and/or reiterate proper classroom behavior. As I reflect back on this school year and the strategies I've tried, I noticed that there was a common thread. And that’s what I’d like to discuss today.

By: Danielle | May 10, 2017

As a ‘music on a cart’ teacher, I’m all about using teaching aids and manipulatives in various ways and for multiple purposes. My cart space is at a premium, and though I can fit a lot more items on my cart than one may think, there will always, of course, be space limitations compared to music teachers with their own classrooms. With that said, today I want to share about one of my favorite multi-activity musical items that I keep permanently on my cart and use often throughout the school year...the slide whistle!

By: Danielle | January 19, 2017

Teaching and working with children is quite the learning experience! This has been especially true in teaching my students with special needs. As time goes on and I continue working with this population of students in a variety of settings, I’m constantly learning how to adapt and modify my lessons to help with the flow of music class, which in turn provides the best environment for them to learn. These changes often occur on a weekly (and even daily) basis depending on which students I’m teaching, what time of day their music class is, how their day has gone so far, if they like/dislike the shirt they’re wearing, if they like/dislike the shirt *I'M* get the idea! Lots of factors can influence the success of music class, ...