By: Danielle | February 25, 2017

They are the first ones to arrive at school. The last ones to leave. On a snow day, they can't turn off their alarm, snuggle further under their covers and sleep in. They are always on call and on their feet throughout the entire school day. Every moment throughout the day they hear "Can you do this? Can you take care of that? Can you fix this? Can you move that?" And on and on it goes.....

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By: Danielle | January 14, 2017

I’ll never forget it. It was the spring of my senior year of college, which for many education majors means “student teaching” time. All of us music education students met together with our professor once a week to debrief on our daily teaching adventures in the classroom. I remember sharing about all the amazing instruments and resources my music teacher mentor had available in both of her elementary music rooms (she taught at 2 schools) and how I enjoyed writing and implementing all sorts of musically engaging activities. Another friend of mine also shared about the lessons she successfully taught, however there was one big difference:

Category: Encouragement